14 Best Quotes From White Chicks

white chicks quotes: In 2004, the Wayans brothers released White Chicks, an outrageous comedy about two male Black cops named Kevin (Shawn Wayans) and Marcus (Marlon Wayans) who dress as two white women to go undercover and solve a kidnapping. While this film faced negative reviews from critics, it has since become a classic for its over-the-top humor and hilarious performances from the Wayans.

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One of the best aspects of this film that has led audiences to love this movie long after its release is its effortlessly quotable lines. With a premise like this, the punchlines just keep on coming, and most of them thankfully land.

Updated on December 17th, 2021, by Hannah Saab: Almost two decades after its release, White Chicks continues to be a cult classic that is quoted in memes, featured in fan art and more. White Chicks’ funny lines are easy to remember and remind viewers of a simpler time where chick flicks ruled television and the big screen. It’s not surprising that more White Chicks quotes have become iconic in the fandom, as Marcus and Kevin’s wacky story continues to entertain and amuse no matter how many times audiences watch it.

Heather Vandergeld Can’t Handle Being Broke

“What Do You Mean ‘Broke’? Like, Martha Stewart ‘Broke’? Or MC Hammer ‘Broke’?

The Vandergeld sisters are used to their lavish lifestyle full of parties, private jets, and designer bags. This is why it’s almost impossible for Heather to comprehend the fact that they’re “MC Hammer ‘broke,'” which is just one of many unique 2000s references in the movie.

Her brattiness really shows with the witty line, underscoring how spoiled the sisters have been all their lives. Things take a turn for the worse when their dad admits he has been “funneling money out of the charity” and into their private accounts, which only causes the siblings to cry and prepare for their new less grand life ahead.

Marcus Copeland Makes A Buffy Reference

“I Don’t See Why I Gotta Go Out With Buffy The White Girl Slayer.”

Marcus is understandably annoyed that Kevin gets to go out on a date, which leaves him to deal with Lattrell’s aggressive and unwanted advances. Kevin persuades Marcus to cover for him, as he claims that he really likes the girl he met and wants to try and impress her.

A gut-busting moment happens when Marcus’ reaction obviously shows that he feels betrayed and frustrated about Kevin’s much better evening out. The seamless Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference may be lost on younger audiences today, but fit the scene perfectly at that time.

Marcus Copeland Makes A Catchphrase

“Triple T-K-A! Time To Totally Kick Ass!”

Marcus and Kevin Copeland wearing polos and smiling in White Chicks.

The chemistry between the two real-life and on-screen siblings, Marcus and Kevin, is emphasized in the scene where they realize they have enough on Vandergeld to put him away. They contemplate calling for backup before they bust the man, but remember that they’re “all the backup” they need.

The “T-K-A” line that follows has become one of the more iconic White Chicks lines, as it speaks volumes about the pair’s personality and friendship. The movie likely wouldn’t have reached the cult status it has if they had cast anyone else for those roles.

Lisa Anderson Has Self-Image Problems

“Hi, I’m Cellulite Sally, Look At My Huge Ba-Donkey.”

Lisa Anderson in the dressing room in White Chicks.

A humorous and somewhat unsettling scene for both viewers and Kevin happens in a tiny dressing room, as Lisa reveals that she’s not as calm and collected as she seems on the surface. Her insecurities begin pouring out in a comical way, as she begins talking to her body parts and calling them “Back Fat Betty” and “Tina the Talking Tummy.”

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It’s a hilarious scene that doubles as social commentary, as it highlights the unnecessary pressure women have to deal with because of unrealistic beauty standards. Fans can only hope Lisa is feeling more confident and beautiful these days and not randomly insulting her body parts.

Kevin Copeland Can’t Deal

“I’m Gonna Have A BF!”

Marcus and Kevin Copeland talking in White Chicks.

Marcus and Kevin almost blow their cover when they’re asked for identification in a hotel, but thanks to some quick thinking and a touch of drama, they get away with their fake personas. A gut-busting monologue about a botched surgery making the sisters look unrecognizable is only made better when Kevin finishes it with a threat of a “BF.”

The confused clerk asks them what that is, to which Marcus frantically replies with “a b—-h fit.” Considering how they haven’t been out in public as the Vandergeld sisters for a long time at this point, it’s impressive that they’re able to pull it off in front of the perplexed clerk.

Marcus Copeland Dishes Out A Famous White Chicks Insult

“I Know You Hookers Don’t Think This Is Over With.”

During one of the film’s more iconic scenes, the antagonistic Vandergeld sisters challenge Lisa, Karen, and Tori to an impromptu dance-off at the nightclub, where the two teams dance it out to Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love.” Just when our main girls thought they had lost, Kevin and Marcus show up.

Marcus says a somewhat offensive but hilarious quote, which has become a famous White Chicks line, and they proceed to take down the Vandergeld sisters with a dance routine to Run-D.M.C.’s “It’s Tricky.” The entire scene has the 2000s stamp all over it.

Lisa Anderson Should Really Seek Help

“Somebody Throw Shamu Back Into The Ocean!”

In a scene that features Kevin in a changing room with a hysterically self-conscious Lisa, he finds himself in an awkward situation when she starts insulting herself. He throws a million different outfits in her direction, and none of them appear to be enough for her, as she shouts out a string of overdramatic exclamations.

The terribly insecure Lisa recites a self-deprecating speech, with each line becoming an instantly recognizable quote from White Chicks. The scene ends with Kevin telling her she needs professional help and running out of the room, yelling for Dr. Phil and Oprah.

Lattrell Spencer Loves Vanessa Carlton

“How Did You Know? I Love This Song!”

When Lattrell is about to take Marcus out on a date, Marcus tries to scare him off with a song he believes he wouldn’t enjoy: “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. To Marcus’s shock, Lattrell loves this song and begins to sing along to it in great spirits.

With this dazzling scene, Terry Crews made this song his own, giving viewers a glimpse of the hilariously sensitive giant Crews later plays on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s an iconic part of the film and arguably its best subplot, which could very well be the focus of White Chicks sequel if it ever happens.

Kevin Copeland’s ‘Your Mother’ Joke

“Your Mother’s So Old That Her Breastmilk Is Powder!”

Early in Kevin and Marcus’s ruse, they meet the Vandergeld sisters. An insult match breaks out between them, and after Megan tells them, “your mother shops at Saks,” the two realize that “it’s mother time!” and begin to unload on the sisters with a plethora of “yo mama” jokes.

The highlight of this scene is a gut-busting joke about breastmilk followed by Kevin blowing powder at the sisters. It’s a moment that highlights how badass the Copeland siblings are as women, especially when it comes to witty insults.

Marcus Copeland In A Hurry

“Move, B****!”

This film establishes early on that Marcus is lactose-intolerant. However, he eats quiche at the party, unaware that it contains cheese. After this, Heather, Karen, and Lisa bring him to the bathroom. Marcus bursts inside and yells this hysterical line at a woman in the bathroom in his masculine voice.

From here, the scene only gets funnier, as Marcus locks himself in a stall and begins farting loudly as his legs twist in comedic ways. Everyone in the bathroom is obviously horrified but understandably chooses to keep quiet about it.

Marcus Copeland Preparing To Fight

“Yo, Hold My Poodle! Hold My Poodle!”

When Kevin and Marcus first emerge in their white girl costumes at the hotel, they face several men who catcall them. The two have the unfortunate experience of what women experience on a daily basis, and they unsurprisingly don’t enjoy it at all.

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The laughs immediately kick in when the two of them respond to these catcallers violently, with deep voices, threats, and over-the-top anger. This scene immediately sets the tone for what this movie is like: loud, energetic, and funny from start to finish.

Marcus Copeland Tries To Blend In

“I Am So Frickin’ Pissed!”

When the audience is first introduced to the real Wilson sisters, most hate them so much they love them, which is fitting considering White Chicks as a whole is so bad it’s good. After they receive minor injuries in the car, they freak out and refuse to go to the Hamptons. In their outburst of misplaced rage, Brittany yells out, “I am so frickin’ pissed!” in a funny expression of anger.

When Kevin and Marcus are checking into the hotel, they are asked for a credit card and ID. Marcus, not wanting to blow his cover, takes what he learned from Brittany and yells out this line before going on a rant about how his plastic surgeon made him look like Shrek.

Marcus Copeland Trying To Be Gross

“Oopsie! I Had A Poopsie!”

One of the most uncomfortable yet comical scenes in the film is Lattrell and Marcus’ date. Marcus does everything he can to get rid of Lattrell, deploying disgusting eating habits and claiming to have athlete’s foot. These attempts to drive Marcus off have no effect.

After Marcus insults Lattrell’s basketball-playing ability, Lattrell becomes emotional, saying no woman had ever cared that much as he leans in for a kiss. Marcus abruptly farts to stop the kiss and jokes about “a poopsie” in an attempt to further disgust him. Lattrell only likes him even more after this, and according to Marcus, he responded by farting for 20 minutes.

Kevin Copeland Respects The Label

“It’s Not Just A Bag. It’s Prada.”

While the girls are out in the street, a man steals Kevin’s purse and chaos ensues. Kevin goes on a wild chase that ends with him tackling the purse snatcher to the ground, with everyone watching as he expertly dodges people on the street and jumps over obstacles.

As the purse snatcher questions why he did all this for a bag, Kevin says the best line of the film: “It’s not just a bag. It’s Prada.” The sheer randomness of this line makes this the cherry on top of a scene that was already hilarious.

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