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timeline quotes: #1. We all have a timeline. Most of us don’t live like we have a timeline. – Author: Steve Gleason

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#2. But then I remembered that our hearts
didn’t care about logic or time. My heart didn’t play by rules that my mind made up. It didn’t follow silly timelines or measure its feelings based on the number of days it had known someone. No, hearts simply felt, whether you wanted them to or not. – Author: J. Sterling

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#3. I love plans. Checklists, spreadsheets, timelines. I am literally passionate about that stuff. – Author: Claire Kingsley

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#4. Now that copyrights can be just about a century long, the inability to know what is protected and what is not protected becomes a huge and obvious burden on the creative process. – Author: Lawrence Lessig

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#5. Saw that I could make more money in one pot than what was in that entire paycheck selling a week of office supplies – Author: Doyle Brunson

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#6. Where your heart is, there is your love. – Author: Lailah Gifty Akita

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#7. We all know that technology has advanced to the point of watching TV online. – Author: Jim Rash

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#8. I think there’s something unfortunate about the attention that performers get in our media, but the weight of government propaganda is so heavy that anyone with a different point of view who has access to the media has a responsibility to use it. – Author: David Clennon

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#9. Nixon’s grand mistake was his failure to understand that Americans are forgiving, and if he had admitted error early and apologized to the country, he would have escaped. – Author: Bob Woodward

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#10. I crave working on those small independent movies because I love going to see those myself. – Author: Orlando Bloom

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#11. To me, what constitutes a family are those who you choose to make your family. Whether they’re related through bloodlines or only timelines, they’re the people – Author: Charles Dennis

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#12. Making sure that the geography and timelines work is always the hardest part of writing. But you owe it to the readers to get it right! – Author: Michael Scott

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#13. Many people, especially men, feel it is an admission of weakness to ask for help or to express a need. But there is absolutely no shame in needing others. – Author: Rick Warren

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#14. When I tell people there are three stories in ‘Thunderstruck’ that were from the same wrecked novel, they want to guess what they are. Nobody has. There are no characters or timelines in common. They’re structured very differently. A good novel wouldn’t have pulled apart so easily. – Author: Elizabeth McCracken

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#15. Dreamlining is so named because it applies timelines to what most would consider dreams. – Author: Tim Ferriss

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#16. As the installments in the ‘Immortals After Dark’ series span simultaneous timelines, making sure the details remained accurate was a hair-raising/losing exercise. – Author: Kresley Cole

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#17. I have this embedded faith in the process through which films of a certain type get discovered on longer timelines. – Author: Edward Norton

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#18. It’s time that I stop referring to myself, thinking about myself, planning for myself, according to the gridlines and the timelines and the guidelines of people. I will expand in this universe, I will not stay on the lines nor within the lines written by this world. – Author: C. JoyBell C.

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#19. There is no better test of a man’s work than time, which also reveals the thoughts which lay hidden in his breast. – Author: Simonides Of Ceos

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#20. It’s stronger than I, she says, this idea, this need is after me all the time. The movement happens by itself, there is something in my arms that pulls me along irresistibly. If I resist I have these irritable and stifling feelings which are totally unbearable, I just have to give into this need … – Author: Dan Stein

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#21. It’s really cool now that we have Twitter and Facebook, and it’s cool that people can post their thoughts and stories and just constantly on their timelines. – Author: Dustin Lynch

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#22. Have a defined mission with clear goals and timelines. I still trust the staff, with as little oversight as possible. Do things to show them that their time is as valuable to you as it is to them. Don’t be afraid to ‘fly solo.’ – Author: Pete Olson

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#23. So much of the literature we had to read for high school English class was filled with victimized, tragic, symbolic women who spurred the plot forward with their inevitable shunning/death/shunning-followed-by-pregnancy-followed-by-death timelines. – Author: Libba Bray

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#24. When my dog Buster died, I couldn’t get over it. I was in bits. – Author: Paul O’Grady

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#25. Humor is proof that everything is going to be all right with God nevertheless. – Author: Charles M. Schulz

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#26. Dear young people, let yourselves be taken over by the light of Christ, and spread that light wherever you are. – Author: Pope John Paul II

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#27. The big “WHEN” about change is not just a particular moment, but a thought-out planning with clear defined timelines. – Author: Pearl Zhu

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#28. I got into hula hooping at age six – I hula hooped all day, every day. That was something I was comfortable with, but I never tried walking or singing while hula hooping! It’s actually pretty difficult and tiring. But I like challenging myself. It’s hard, but it’s really fun. – Author: Patina Miller

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#29. If things had been different, she would be in Carolyn’s place right now. She didn’t want that sort of existence, but there was something so attractive about the security of feeling like you had stopped moving toward your life, and actually arrived. – Author: J. Courtney Sullivan

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#30. Well, it’s my voice, so it’s more accessible that way, and there are also all sorts of things like plot and timelines that are already known entities, so for me, it’s very different from writing fiction. – Author: Alice Sebold

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