paintball quotes: #1. I watch what I eat and drink. – Author: Amber Heard

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#2. You think whatever is wrong with you is contagious, then?’
She laughed again. ‘Yes, but you have it already. You caught it from your mother. Death. – Author: Gene Wolfe

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#3. My first real venture was a paintball company I started in Grade 10, when I was 16. After hearing about it from a friend, I realized my town didn’t have a playing field. I did some research, spoke with other paintball company owners, and I started my own field the following summer. – Author: Ryan Holmes

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#4. I like to play paintball in my back yard. – Author: Alexa Vega

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#5. Make it a policy to know your net worth to the penny. – Author: T. Harv Eker

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#6. Writing is not the lottery. New writers have to be realistic about what it takes to get published. But there is one similarity to the lottery: You have to play to win. – Author: Lori Perkins

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#7. I am determined to enjoy each day to the fullest. I don’t want to wish away Christmas. I want to enjoy these last moments of Advent and look forward to Jesus’s birth with anticipation. – Author: Shelley Shepard Gray

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#8. Zuzana wondered if she could have been wrong about him, but dismissed the thought. Anyone who would wear all white like that clearly had issues. Just looking at him made her wish she had a paintball gun, but hell, you couldn’t pack for every eventuality. – Author: Laini Taylor

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#9. Can’t I just shoot you in the ass with paintball pellets? Those fuckers hurt. I’m an expert marksman with firearms. I could turn your ass red, green, blue, whatever the fuck color you want. – Author: Tymber Dalton

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#10. Clearly understand that the only limitations you will ever have are the limitations you impose upon yourself. You truly do have infinite potential. – Author: Bob Proctor

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#11. Looked over at the campfire, where three party ponies were teaching Tyson to operate a paintball gun. I hoped they knew what they were getting into. – Author: Rick Riordan

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#12. I was never a liberal. I was radical. I was cynical. I was negative. But, I was never a liberal. I always saw that as too lukewarm for me. – Author: Clarence Thomas

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#13. We are adults undertaking a team-building activity in a professional capacity, so naturally we spend several minutes horsing around, striking poses with our paintball guns and making sound effects. Joshua and Sergeant Paintball watch us like orderlies at a mental facility. – Author: Sally Thorne

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#14. But there was no use pretending: I was not the sort of person who counted blessings; I was the sort of person for whom there could never be enough blessings. – Author: Jamaica Kincaid

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#15. Life is great; football is better. Steve Sabol. – Author: Ed Sabol

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#16. I believe we can create a truly humane, sustainable, and health food production system without killing any animals. I imagine a revolution in veganic agriculture in which small farmers grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes, all fertilized with vegetable sources. – Author: Gene Baur

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#17. Over by the campfire, Tyson let loose with his paintball gun. A blue projectile splattered against one of the centaurs, hurling him backward into the lake. The centaur came up grinning, covered in swamp muck and blue paint, and gave Tyson two thumbs up. – Author: Rick Riordan

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#18. When I was in high school, I loved paintball. I saved up my allowances and started my own paintball supply company. Everyone thought I was just some obsessed kid, but today the company is one of the biggest paintball suppliers in Canada. – Author: Ryan Holmes

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#19. My biggest hobby is airsoft, which is similar to paintball. Essentially, it’s military simulation, but the guns shoot plastic BBs. My friends and I go out in the woods or the desert and play all day long! – Author: Nathan Kress

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#20. If you go to a paintball subreddit, paintball companies can advertise to you. – Author: Sam Altman

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#21. I’m looking for the perfect paintball movie. – Author: William Shatner

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#22. Sure we could replace war with paintball battles. But it would escalate to paint grenades, paint bombs, weapons of mass paint. I don’t want to live in a world where my kids have to worry about what color they will be in the morning. – Author: Dan Florence

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#23. I find no flaw in your reasoning about the Analytical Engine; I admire it; but you are aware that it rests entirely on the hypothesis that I care for the ‘whole human race. – Author: Charles Babbage

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#24. It must have been Josh. He’s up there with the paintball bow,” Michael called up to her. A what? How come I don’t get one of those? I’m up here shooting this junky thing like an idiot, while he’s over there taking out my boyfriend from across the field like some kind of assassin. – Author: Cindy Ray Hale

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#25. Bongo’s sobs are hurled out
like paintballs from a skirmish gun
until the force diminishes
into a trickle of sobs
that wind up the exorcism. – Author: Emma Cameron

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