The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remains one of the funniest sitcoms for a reason. Will Smith’s fictionalized version of himself keeps his awkward-yet-loveable swagger, and we love every minute of it. Carlton, his cousin, is the perfect counter to Will. Super ritzy upbringing and afraid to get dirty, both literally and metaphorically. With the rest of the Banks family each having their quirks, the show continues to be a great watch whenever you need a smile.

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Not only did this show go on to boost Will Smith into stardom, but it featured quick-witted humor that still splits our sides. So check out these 10 Quotes From Fresh Prince That Are Still Hilarious Today

Updated on November 2nd, 2020 by Patrick Mocella: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air has so many amazing characters with quotable lines that we have more to showcase. With a dramatic rather than comedic reboot on the way with Will Smith himself returning as Executive Producer, we figured it was time to revisit this list and add some more classic lines. While the show is remembered for its serious, heartfelt moments as well as its hilarious ones, let’s focus on the ones that bring the haha. From Uncle Phil’s threats to Geoffrey’s subtle roasts, check out the five new quotes below.

15Uncle Phil: “We Eat Here Later. You Eat Here Never. Jazz: “Looks Like You Eat Here Often.”

The interactions between Uncle Phil and Will’s best friend Jazz were some of the funniest moments on the show. Although Will has to somewhat play ball with Phil due to being family, Jazz is bound to no such restrictions.

Right in one of their earliest meetings, Jazz gets a little too comfortable at the Banks residence and asks when dinner is. After Phil makes it known what he thinks of Jazz’s attitude, Jazz hits him with the obligatory fat joke. This prompts the iconic “Jazz getting kicked out of the house” scene.

14Geoffrey: “Quite Right Sir. You Threw Him On The Lawn, He ROLLED Into The Street.”

One wouldn’t expect the butler of all people to be the show-stealer, but every time actor Joseph Marcell come into a scene as Geoffrey he commanded the room, often with a dry wit and sass like no other.

After Will defies Uncle Phil one too many times, Phil decides it’s finally time to kick his free-loading nephew out of the house. Ashley is not happy about this and asks why her father threw him on the street. Phil tries to get technical about it, but Geoffrey is there to be helpful as always.

13Geoffrey: “Correct, But You Overlooked One Fact. I Have No Life.”

butler geoffrey fresh prince

Despite all his sass and incredibly smooth insults against the Banks family, Geoffrey is a loyal and dedicated worker for the family. So much so that it appears that he has little social life to speak of.

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When Hilary believes she has the house to herself and her boyfriend on a nice evening, Geoffrey interrupts the couple. When her boyfriend asks why he’s here on his day off, Geoffrey responds with that gem of a line. The sipping of the juice box after delivering the quote is the cherry on top.

12Uncle Phil: “You Find Geoffrey And You Bring Him Back Or They’ll Never Find Your Bodies. I’m A Judge, I Can Make It Happen.”

Due to James Avery playing Shredder on the old-school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, Avery was one to flex his supervillain might on the show from time to time. This time though, he was quite justified in his threat.

After Will and Carlton decide to prank Geoffrey into thinking he’s won millions of dollars in the lottery, Uncle Phil discovers what his son and nephew have done. After tricking them into thinking it was nothing by laughing with them, he snaps into threat mode as he puts the fear of God in them.

11Geoffrey: “Ou Ou Ou, Can I Get It For You?”

geoffrey fresh prince of bel air

While the family loved Geoffrey as if he were one of the family, that doesn’t mean they ever let him forget that he is still their butler.

When a time for celebration comes in the Banks household,  Uncle Phil calls for champagne which everyone is excited for, even Geoffrey. That is until he realizes that it’s up to him to get it. Without missing a beat, however, he feigns excitement over being the one to serve the family. Never change Geoffrey, please never change.

10Girl: “Excuse Me, What’s A Nine-Letter Word For Terrific?” Will: “That’s Easy: Will Smith.”

Fresh Prince Will Smith Pickup Lines

Don’t be surprised that many of these lines are said by Will Smith himself. After all, he steals the show for a reason. And one of the most memorable things you’ll find in this show is Will’s courageous and awful pickup lines. The bravado attitude combined with the cheesy lines is what sells it, as many girls roll their eyes at the young Will.

While Will isn’t always the ladies’ man in Fresh Prince, that doesn’t stop him from always throwing compliments their way. If only the compliments were more heartfelt, but that’s the amusing nature of Will.

9Uncle Phil: “This Fat-Free Cake Isn’t Bad, Geoffrey.” Geoffrey: “Sir, That’s A Sponge.”

While completely unaware of the sponge in his mouth, Will’s uncle Phil bites into it. And as a kind gesture, he compliments his butler’s cooking. Too bad it’s just a sponge.

The deadpan delivery makes this ten times funnier than it should be. There’s something relatable about comfort eating to the point of not even knowing what you’re actually eating. Just nibbling away at some food and then you realized the napkin didn’t taste too bad. Beyond Geoffrey’s snark and the possible fat joke, this hits more towards relatable comfort eating than fat-shaming.

8“Vivian: That Man Is On Thin Ice!” Geoffrey: “I’ll Alert The Fish.”

Fresh Prince Aunt Vivian and Will Smith

Geoffrey may be the family butler, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a voice. With his dry snark, he’s the sleeper hit of the show. As Will’s cousins try for relationship after relationship, you’ll be hard-pressed to not hear Geoffrey chime in. And while the show definitely talks about deep issues, sometimes the comic relief after is well-earned.

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When aunt Vivian is mad at uncle Phil for a reason Geoffrey does not care to know, he simply rolls with the pun. Even though he surely cares for the Banks family, he does not care for their frivolity.

7Carlton: “I Thought Ashley Was In Bed.” Will: “Yeah, And You Also Thought Tupac Shakur Was A Jewish Holiday.”

Fresh Prince Will Smith Posing

Poor Carlton. He honestly has his family’s best interests in mind, but he doesn’t always understand them. When Will moved into the Banks household, he noticed a lack of culture. And of all people, Carlton knew the least about pop culture.

Thinking the best of those around him, Carlton assumes nothing bad of his siblings. But when something goes awry in life, and it always does, Carlton is there scratching his head trying to understand it. Will, on the other hand, points out the obvious. Carlton thought one of the world’s most famous rappers was a holiday!

6Carlton: “Dad, Don’t Do Anything Stupid! You Haven’t Updated Your Will Yet.”

Fresh Prince Will Smith and Carlton

Although Carlton is often the brunt of the jokes in his family, that doesn’t mean he’s never funny. With his humor often being in the realm of cheesy ‘dad humor’, he is more likely to get a sigh than a laugh. Sure, he rarely knows when to time that perfect joke. But when one of his jokes lands, it’s a welcome surprise.

A great nudge towards the families riches, Carlton tells his dad to not do anything stupid when he learns of Will’s newest shenanigans – at least not until his father’s will is updated. Can’t have Phil Banks die and leave nothing to Carlton.

5Will: “So You’re Saying The Only Reason I Loved Her Is Cause She’s Rich And Let Me Sponge Off Of Her?” Phil: “Yes.” Will: “Then, I Love You Too, Uncle Phil.”

Fresh Prince Will Smith and Uncle Phil

The dynamic between Will and Uncle Phil is hilarious. While Will surely loves his uncle regardless of his financial output, this joke perfectly showcases their awkward bond. Phil sees Will dance from relationship to relationship without noting his mistakes, so this talk is surely meant to be out of kindness.

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Will had to have the last quip, though. And it’s a riot. Will notes that Phil is financially caring for him while joking about his ‘love’ for his money, making this a kind jest. But at the end of the day, you can tell how much Uncle Phil and Will care for each other.

4Carlton: “Big Poopie.” Uncle Phil: “What Did You Say?” Carlton: “I Say… Uh… Beg, Puppy. To My Pretend Dog, Ernie. Fetch, Ernie. He’s Gone Now.”

Fresh Prince Carlton

Season: 4 Episode: Father of the Year

Oh, Carlton. His preppy lifestyle and hobbies lead him to be unaware of most people’s daily struggles. When he tries to fit in, such as cursing, it often comes out wrong. He doesn’t want to curse, but he does want to sound hip. So what happens when Carlton tries to say anything relatively out of his comfort? Odd words. Ergo: Big poopie.

Then he fails to admit what he just said. His father is equally stunned at the odd wordage. So Carlton does what only Carlton can do: botch the situation even further. Ah yes, I was talking to my imaginary dog, Ernie. I’m sure that’s more believable to admitting to what I said. We love you anyway, Carlton.

3Carlton: “Steffi, Go Home. You’re Not Age-Appropriate For This Party. (Carlton Puts On A Duck Floatie) I’m Going Swimming.”

When compared to his cooler cousin, Will, Carlton often feels inferior. So to make up for it, sometimes he puts on a tough guy act. It obviously doesn’t work out.

When at a party with Will, Carlton tells his sister Steph to go home. While in and of itself the quote isn’t funny, the context makes it absolutely hysterical. Not only does Carlton call her ‘Steffi’ but he tells her that this party is for adults while wearing duck floaties. Carlton, you sweet summer child. There are few moments in Fresh Prince that summarize Carlton as succinctly as this scene.

2Vivian: “How Was The Flight, Honey?” Will: “Yo, The Plane Ride Was Stupid. I Was Up In The First-Class.” Phil: “Excuse Me?” Will: “No, I’m Saying The Plane Ride Was Dope.” Philip: “Excuse Me?” Will: “No… Stupid, Dope, It’s Not What You Think. How Would I Say This… [In A Nerdy Voice] The Flight Was Really Neat.”

This line is actually from one of the first scenes in Fresh Prince, setting that hilarious quick-witted tone for the show. It seems the lingo between Bel-Air and Philly is quite different. With Will casual chatting about the plane ride to Bel-Air being ‘dope’, aka cool or nice, all uncle Phil hears is ‘dope’ the drug.

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This obviously shocks Phil, who is hearing about planes and drugs. No need for illegal things in his life, but of course Will isn’t talking about that. This word-play on culture takes a light-hearted look at stereotypes and cultural lingo. Uncle Phil has tons more to learn about street slang before he’ll understand Will.

1Will: “Oh My God, Carlton! What’s That Hideous Thing Growing Out Of Your Neck?… Ah, Never Mind. It’s Just Your Head.”

While most lines Will shouts are clever, this one is an instant classic. Will Smith and Carlton Banks are the exact opposite type of people. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t friends. It can be quite hilarious watching the two battle it out with words.

With Will being street smart though, most verbal jokes are sent towards Carlton. Can’t blame him for not being as quick with words as the one and only Fresh Prince, though.