Cross Stitch Captions for Instagram with Quotes

cross stitch quotes: Cross stitch is a centuries-old craft, done by hand, using a needle and thread. It is a great hobby, and a means to create a unique keepsake to display anywhere you choose. It has spread far and wide, too. Many celebrities are fans of the craft and have used it to create designer pieces.

Cross stitch is a great hobby that many people are crazy about. It requires patience, a good eye for design, a keen eye for colour, and the ability to backstitch occasionally. So I congratulate you if cross-stitching is your hobby. It also gives stitchers a chance to connect with others in a way that’s unique to the hobby.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, but with the right caption, they can actually say a thousand words. The creative cross stitch captions I have here are some of the best you can find on social media, and they’ll caption your photo better.

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Cross stitch is that skill you keep meaning to learn, but somehow never seem to get around to it. Which is a shame, because cross stitching pieces can make for super cute home decor.

Nothing like having your grandma’s handmade cross-stitch to remind you of her love for you.

Cross stitching is the art of making pictures with thread. That’s how simple and fun it is.

Cross stitch is counting the sky from the terrace.

These patterns are so beautiful you’ll want to cross-stitch them all. Stitching in my Happy Place 😄😍 ❤

Hello Fall! We’re headed your way with special prices on our cross stitch thread, fabric and kits.

Even cross-stitching has its moments of inspiration. There’s no denying the calming, creative impact this craft can have on your day-to-day.

Stitch by little stitch, a beautiful pattern appears. Cross stitch, that is.

Be the first to find out about new stitchery projects & patterns 🥰 #crossstitch #crafts #hobby #fun.

It’s time for flannel, sweet tea and cosy nights in with a warm blanket and a book. 😍 #StitchthatTogether.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more comforting than coming home to your cross stitch love. *^*

No matter what your idea of happiness is, mine sure includes lots of cross-stitching and cupcakes. 🎈

It’s all about the details. Details like stitching by hand; details in design; details that come together to make a project ❤️ #crossstitch.

Once upon a cross stitch map, there was a country called Cross Stitch. And in Cross Stitch lived the cutest little cross stitch animal.

I’m addicted to the sound of ripping fabric and the smell of fresh cross stitch thread 😈  ❤

Spending time with the most wonderful person I know. My mom. Enjoying the last bits of her summer on Cape Cod. . . . . #crossstitch.

Have a beautiful day with a lot of good things. . .#crossstitch #handmadewithlove Cross stitch will always be there for you. 💙

Totally in love with this little cross-stitch sampler, I found in the archives.  It’s my great-grandmother’s, and it makes me so happy to think of her stitching it.

Catch up on the latest episode of Stay for Dinner with these easy cross stitch patterns. No special equipment is required—just a little patience and time. 😍

Cross Stitching is the perfect craft for the season. It’s cosy and cute, but still relaxing!

Whimsy is a thing. Like, seriously, the cutest collection of cross stitch patterns you’ve ever laid eyes on. 👀

I don’t know why you squinted down to read this, but thanks for doing so. Hope you are having a great day #crossstitch #xstitch #chart #chartdoodle.

Cross-stitching is my favourite way to spend a cold, rainy day. I’m so excited about the new fall season.

When a project is almost finished, you can’t help but want to admire it and count all the little stitches that went into making something beautiful.

Cross Stitch is a fun and relaxing hobby for people of all ages! Whether you make it your full-time thing or just do it on the side, cross stitch is awesome!

It’s the little things in life that make ya smile 😃 #crossstitch.

Get lost in the magic of cross stitch with our free cross stitch patterns and kits. #xstitch.

I set my clock by this girl 👩💗👧 . . . . #crossstitch #xstitch #hobby #fun.

Wow, look at all of these sheets of pretty cross-stitching fabric! I can’t wait to choose what pattern I’m going to start first.

Cross stitch is fun, but it’s also a craft that brings people together. Free to learn, low cost to make, and memorable to give. 🧶

From making secret Santa gifts just because, to finishing your latest project for your next holiday party… cross stitch is the perfect weekend craft.

Oh, I love cross stitch and would like to learn it.

I find the best way to start my day is with a cup of coffee and something in my hands to cross-stitch.

Let’s get this party started with the cutest cross stitch patterns you can purchase, so cute that I can’t even 👵🏼 #clothing.

Long Stitch is a fun DIY craft using needles and thread. Also for beginners to cross-stitch, the leaflet comes with details on how to complete each pattern.

Cross stitch is fun, but it requires a little planning ahead to work on a project.

It’s something you can tackle without having to choose just one thing but can enjoy as you work away at it each evening after dinner We make cross stitch fun.

There are so many art projects that can be made with the cross stitch needlecraft aesthetic.

There’s so much to look forward to in the fall: Pumpkin spice everything 🎃… Ok, not really… but there is cross-stitching season! 🎨

I’m always down for a craft but cross stitch and I have a love/hate relationship. But hey, wouldn’t it be fun to do something together? Cross stitch—always.

Getting lost in the nostalgia, the rhythm that only handcrafted and cross-stitched items can give.

New cross stitch kits take on a life of their own. Pattern emerges as you leaf through linen, floss, and colours!

Cross stitch doesn’t have to be boring. From simple to intricate, we make it easy to pick out the perfect pattern 👟

Sometimes on a rainy day in my cosy, happy house, I look at my art and cross-stitch. And it makes me happy.

The feeling of starting a new cross stitch project and all the happy colours to come!

There’s something so satisfying about turning a pile of colourful threads into something beautiful.#CROSS Stitch

If you have patience, you can create something beautiful. If you don’t, this is also fun. 😄

This secret cross stitch pattern was previously available to subscribers, but it has now been released for all. The finished pattern is 6″ wide and 4.5″ tall..#CROSS Stitch

… cross stitch is fun, really! It’s the perfect way to bring your latest passion project to life, or just take a break from your phone and enjoy some quiet…

I’ve always wanted to try cross stitch, I can see that it would be a very relaxing hobby

Help cross stitch becomes the next little thing. Take the 2-minute test, and if you like it as much as we do, sign up for our mailing list for premium rewards.

I love watching people’s faces as they look at this quilt. Their eyes light up and they smile! I hope you enjoy stitching my design as much as I enjoyed designing it.

Cross stitch is fun. We’ll give you all the tools for creating something you’ll want to hang on your wall

Cross Stitch is fun because you can make anything you want as long as you stay within the lines 😃 .

Whether you’re stitching for yourself, a friend, or as a gift, cross stitch is always a good idea. 😍

I love to cross-stitch. It keeps my mind busy and off the day’s problems. I like to keep the grumpiness at bay with a little needlepoint therapy.

Learning to cross stitch in a coffee shop is even more fun. 🗣️We want to share our love of Cross Stitching with you and your friends!

Armed with a little creativity and some embroidery floss, anyone can cross-stitch.

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